How to delete search history from Facebook? – Weekly Tech Guide

It is possible to keep your profile as personal as it can be in Facebook. Facebook enable its engine to display the contents every time that are visited or opened by you the most. It is default that it stores all your activities history for better references.

fb search

Whatever you do on Facebook at any time, it is all stored in your Activity Log. Let it be a Like, Comment, Share or Follow; Facebook keeps it all. Even when you search for something on Facebook it will also stores our search history. A post, person, a page or anything else, every search is stored in your Activity Log.

About : Facebook Search History ?

Unfortunately, this search history also might be cluttered with queries that don’t require quick access. These may include someone you have already become friends with and a bran or a page that you are already following.


Here we are providing you with a step by step procedure to delete the search history and to limit some information in Facebook hidden.

Step by step procedure to delete your Facebook search history:

  • Open up your Facebook account.
    Open your timeline by clicking your name on top of the page.
    Click on View Activity Log on your profile right under your Cover photo.
    On left side, you will see a list of filters that you can use. You need to click More so more filters can be displayed.
    Find and select Search from the expanded list.
    Clicking on it will display all the searches you have ever made so far using your Facebook.

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